Comboni Missionaries

The Comboni Missionaries are an internationalCatholic religious and missionary Order founded by Bishop Daniel Comboni inVerona (Italy) in 1867, specifically to serve the missionary endeavour of theCatholic Church. St. Daniel Comboni (1831-1881).

Daniel was born in Italy in 1831.At an early age he felt a strong call to the priesthood and to take the Gospelto Africa. Africa was a continent not yet fully explored in those days, and aplace where Christianity was not well known. St. Daniel led priests and laypeople from different European countries to areas of Africa yet to be mapped.He founded two Institutes of men and women to attend to the needs of theAfricans of his time. But, above all, he dreamed of Africans being missionariesof their own people. His motto was “to save Africa with Africa”. Now, more than150 years later, the Comboni Missionaries with Members drawn from forty-fournationalities are present in fifty countries worldwide.

Daniel was canonised on 5thOctober 2003. The special Canonisation Issue of our Comboni Magazine,commemorating this wonderful moment for the Church, provides a comprehensivesummary of Saint Daniel Comboni's life and legacy.

If you wish to know so much more, then we recommmendreading 'A Long Love Story – The Comboni Mission in South Sudan (From thebeginning 1857 to 2017)'. Please find more information on their website: www.comboni.org.uk.