Things to do for Holy Week:

Towards The Easter Vigil – PreparingFor Easter:

Fr Adrian Graffy, parish priest of Gidea Park and member of thePontifical Biblical Commission, has prepared audio commentaries on two of thereadings for the Easter Vigil. They are available at www.whatgoodnews.org on the home page.Going to ‘Easter Genesis’, you canconsider in more detail the story of creation in Genesis chapter 1. ‘TheBinding of Isaac’ is an invitation to explore the difficult story in Genesischapter 22 of Abraham preparing to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Watch some good Catholic programs on Formed.org. – FORMED | our catholic Netflix! Join in and sees an amazing range offilms talks and books on the Catholic Faith. Let this be part of your Lentenjourney. Go to Formed.org, the to sign up, then choose our parish, StMargaret’s Canning Town, give you name, and email and you will be signed in.You only have to do this once.